The past few years have brought a revival of many staple 90s fashion trends. From chokers to platform shoes, and hoop earring to slip dresses, these nostalgic trends come from children born in the 90s; many of the biggest social media influencers today. But fashion is just one industry where 90s trends have been popping up. In 2016, design trends were swept with 90s style, and the predicted design trends of 2017 reveal the 90s nostalgia may be here to stay for a while longer. Here’s a round-up of some of the 2017 design trends that are totally 90s influenced.

Geometric Shapes, Lines, and Circles

nesta by Pentagram


Would it really be a trend if Pentagram wasn’t participating?

Pfizer Campaign for the New York Times by T Brand Studios

For a company that isn’t often associated with design, they certainly nailed a 90’s trend with this new campaign utilizing geometric shapes.

Seven Senses by Studio Wallaby



We see a very similar approach to Pfizer’s campaign with this print and web design, but with a more contemporary flat treatment (as opposed to Pfizer’s gradient).

Adobe XD Design Week 2016

Bold shapes, strong lines and bright colours combine here to give off those serious 90’s vibes.

City of Melborne

The City of Melborne took some major inspiration from 90s MTV designs:

Bright Bold Colours

Mozilla rebranding by johnson banks



This design also incorporates some of the bold line elements from the previous trend that resemble the “://” (of http://) that makes up the “ill” in Mozilla.

MTV World Creative Studio by Pentagram


Pentagram reflected on nostalgic trends with MTV by renewing the bright colours and geometric patterns that were prevalent on for the network in the 90’s, while modernizing the design with texture and gradient.

Pantone Colour of the Year, 2017


We can’t talk about design trends without talking about Pantone. Starting off 2017, Pantone has revealed the colour of the year as this bright green. This is a big jump from the muted pink and blue that were Pantone’s colours of the year in 2016.

Climatune by Spotify x AccuWeather


Spotify is taking bright colours to the extreme with their new site with AccuWeather. But this isn’t the only trends their nailing. Spotify is also at the forefront of the next 90s trend.

Color Transitions


The 90s were recognized for the use of gradient, especially in shapes. Today we are starting to see more of a subtle take on the gradient, known as colour transitions.

Spotify Campaigns, 2015 + 2016


Both of Spotify’s campaigns over the last 2 years have heavily utilized colour transition.

Instagram rebrand, 2016

Instagram’s dramatic rebrand garnered a lot of feedback, revealing a new focus on colour transition.

Apple Music



Apple’s take on colour transition is more muted than Instagram’s bold take, but it is equally as prevalent, extending from their logo into all areas of their app and branding.

Though there were some great trends from the 90s, there were also a handful of trends we don’t want to see ever come back. So here is a list of trends that should stay in the 90s forever. 

Geometric shapes on the interiors of public transportation

This trend started in the 90s and unfortunately it seems that the trend carried on well past then. Why? Just why.

Comic Sans

This atrocity was born in the 90s by Microsoft and should have died then too. But alas, school teachers and shop owners everywhere continue to use it. Why? Just why.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow was widely used by corporations in their logos in the 90s, on movie posters, and music albums. Today, there is a much subtler take on drop shadow that is far from the bulky and outdated trend of the past. Now we refer to this trend as semi-flat design that is beginning to replace the flat design which had swept the web over the past few years.

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