4 Apps that keep me organized

As someone who works a full-time job and runs 2 quickly growing startups (Splash Effect and Skillscamp), the proper app stack is crucial for me. There are hundreds and I mean hundreds of these posts that you can find across the internet and god knows I’ve read a good chunk of them, but each one brings a unique perspective. It’s hard to find someone that has the same day to day as you but I’m writing this as someone who essentially is juggling two full time jobs and I’m hoping someone with the same situation can read this and maybe become a little more productive after. Since I often field the question of which apps we use to get shit done, here is my go to stack for productivity:



There are many awesome project management suites out there and I’ve used most of them. Basecamp, Trello, Wrike, etc they all have their strengths and weaknesses but I always ended up coming back to Asana. Both my company and my workplace use the projects to organize our tasks, keep everyone accountable and keep a macro view of everything that’s on our plate so we can divert resources as necessary.

I’ve had my problems with it, it’s very hard when everyone uses a to-do list differently which is totally fair as people have their own internal systems that got them to this point in their careers. However, if you keep it simple with Asana and get everyone on the same page, it’s unbelievably powerful for both the smallest startup team as well as large organizations to implement Asana into their day to day. I can almost guarantee that if you get your team’s buy in, productivity will skyrocket.

There’s got to be team-wide buy-in for this to work, but once you explain the benefits it’s hard to argue with it’s merits. It helps directors, managers and employees alike and has benefits at every level of an organization.

Pro-Tip: Turn on the celebration hacks, there’s nothing like a unicorn flying across your screen after checking off that last task of the day.


Slack CMYK

I will admit it, I was hesitant to add another dashboard to my stack after finally becoming comfortable with my daily routine. However, Slack has become an integral part of my life. Yes, I said life. Slack keeps me connected with my teams at all times both at my 9–5 and at my companies. In some cases it’s replaced text messaging for me with certain groups of people.

The go to channels for us are #General, #Work, #Brainstorm, #Random with having other channels based on personal interests for certain groups within our teams such as #hiphop #sports #productivity.

It’s drastically cut down emails for me which is it’s entire purpose and most of all its FUN.

Pro-tip: Install the Giphy integration for one hell of a time.

Google Drive/Docs


I struggled putting this here because it’s second nature to use it but realizing how much I’m in my Drive every day I couldn’t leave it off. Every document our company has is in here. From brainstorming documents to our internal playbook, our Drive is our repository and our mainframe.

The ability to work collaboratively on a large document is a game changer. Those who didn’t have to email around a Word document to 10 people named ABCversion16 by the end won’t get how big of a deal this was but should appreciate.

If you’re not on Google Apps by choice I probably will judge you. The suite is so integrated and makes life easier for all involved.

Pro Tip: Good folder structure is a major key.



This is by far my most used app. By scrolling through your Twitter/Facebook feeds you come across dozens and dozens of articles that catch your eye but you know you don’t have the time to read it right now. Before Pocket, I’d maybe bookmark it or try to remember the person who posted it to return to their profile at a later time.

Since I’ve installed Pocket I’ve made sure all of my go to social media applications have integration built in so I’m always one tap away from saving an article. Being able to tag articles help me organize my reading and the ability to push it to my kindle has been a god send.

Pro Tip: the Google Chrome extension is a must have as it’s one click to save.

Honorable Mentions 

Worklife — Helps us organize our meetings.

Spotify — I switched from Apple Music, I feel it’s a better product for streaming. The UX is much cleaner.

Evernote — I take almost all my notes for meetings exclusively in this app.