While the title I hold at Splash Effect is “Content Marketing Manager,” I was originally brought on as a Community Manager and while my role as adapted and evolved (much like the Pokemon I am obsessively collecting right now), “community management” still remains a large part of my role here. It’s a big job, one that requires you to be really hands on and highly responsive, especially when you are not on site. Here’s a quick runthrough of a typical day in my life as a community/content manager at Splash Effect.

8:00 Get my Community Management On


I get started early, typically working from home for the first part of my morning. This is part of the great flexibility you have when working for Splash Effect. While many community managers swear by an editorial calendar, I tend to take a more organic approach to the accounts I manage. While I have a calendar to keep me on top of the events I need to promote, I have a good knowledge of the typical “user journey” of our clients, which helps inform the content I share and when I share it. Additionally, for my accounts it’s important to be topical and current, which is especially important when working with a youth audience as well. For that reason I start work early to schedule content for the day, which allows me to tend to my other roles and responsibilities throughout the day.


10:00 Stand-up


At Splash, we use Slack to have a mini morning stand-up meeting. This is where we tell the team what we’re working on for the day and what, if anything, is blocking our progress. At 10 o’clock I make sure to put my top 3 priorities and my blocker in our dedicated Slack channel, which marks an official start to the day.


10:30 Head Downtown



After I have scheduled and planned content for the day I will typically head into town, either to Splash Effect HQ or to visit our clients on site. As my clients are in the higher education space, having a presence on campus is essential to creating a truly authentic social media persona. So, in addition to spending a whole day on campus once per week, I often will head there for special events and live coverage.


11:00 Social Listening

giphy (23)

When I emerge from Toronto’s underground and make it to wherever I am setting up shop that day, I usually check in immediately with Hootsuite. While it’s only been an hour since I last looked at the platform, in the world of social media a lot can happen in an hour. So, I take some time at the start of my day in the office or on site to check in on our key hashtags, keywords and any pertinent notifications and address them accordingly. I do this about twice an hour throughout the day to make sure I haven’t missed anything.


11:15 Housekeeping


Before I get down to business I will check in on my emails and respond to any that need a quick turnaround, turning any others into tasks to complete when required. The most important step toward a productive day, however, is check up on Asana. Asana is the project management tool we use at Splash Effect to keep us on top of all of our tasks and projects. It’s like a to-do list on steroids and it’s essential to helping me manage my gargantuan list of tasks. You can learn more about how we use Asana at Splash Effect in this blog post by Hamza, our co-founder.


11:30 Splash Effect Blog


As content marketing manager, I am responsible for managing the editorial calendar for the blog you are reading right now. Depending on the day I will usually take some time late morning to tend to the blog; publishing a new post and circulating it across all of our social media channels.

giphy (24)


11:45 Down to Business

Finally, around 11:45 I can get down to my priorities for the day. This often includes work for other clients, which can include developing social media and content strategies, writing content for social media or blog posts, or even producing social media reports at the end of each month or quarter. Sometimes I will even flex my design chops, creating social graphics for use on the accounts I manage to help enhance and customize their online presence. 


1:00 Lunch time!


Around 1:00 PM I will usually take a short break for lunch during which I will take in an episode of whatever TV show I am obsessed with at the time. Right now it’s Suits, but more recently I have been taking a walk instead to go find some Pokemon in the sunshine.




A Rattata I found in the bathroom of our office! 😂


1:30 1:1 with HK


Once per week each member of our team has a 1:1 with Hamza to talk about the things that are going well, the things that are not going so well, and what can be done to make sure everything at Splash is working for us. There is a great culture of transparency at Splash Effect, so this is an opportunity to help make our jobs as awesome as possible, whether that’s getting help on a certain project or having more snacks available in the office to help keep us going all day.


2:00 Post to Instagram


While I schedule Instagram posts through Hootsuite in the morning, given the technical aspects of the app I have to post them myself at the time I scheduled. While it varies day to day, I find 2:00 is a good time to post for most of the accounts I manage.


4:00 Team Meeting


This little guy is the Captain’s Commendation. Each week he’s awarded to a crew member (by the previous winner) who has accomplished something great or worked really hard during the week previous.

While this meeting only happens on Mondays, the weekly team meeting is a huge part of the week for all of us at Splash. With our flexible work schedules it’s one of the only times each week when we are all in the office together. We take this time to celebrate our accomplishments, have some fun and also address any trouble we’re having with any of our projects and determine next steps as to how to make it better.


6:00 Head home


This is when I usually call it a day. Depending on the project I’m working on I could be at the office later into the evening but that is hardly a regular occurrence. After work I typically head to a spin class on my way home to get a good workout in before starting it all again the next day!

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