Splash Effect started because of two things: students and the internet. We have had many talented students on our crew over the years and while our clients now reach beyond the higher education space, we are committed to maintaining our connection with students and providing them with opportunities to learn, thrive and make a splash in their careers. Naré is the latest student to join our crew and below she’s shared how the internet has made her a better student, and within it shares some interesting insights as to how students are using the internet and social media these days. Take it away, Naré! 


We hear a lot about how students today are not getting the education that they deserve. If it’s not that, we’re hearing about how the internet is slowly turning our brains into mush. But the truth is: if as students we learn the right ways and seek out the right tools, the world of the internet can prove to be extremely beneficial.

I don’t mean to brag, but at this point in my life –  in my last semester of university – I would like to say that I’ve mastered the art of being a student. I’ve learned the studying do’s and dont’s, the classes I can miss and which I can’t, and what is going to prove beneficial to me out of of course and what’s just professor jabber. But the most valuable thing I’ve learned in my time as a student, is just how much the internet has helped me become a better student – hell, I would even argue that it’s played a very crucial hand in setting me up for graduation this April. So as a thanks to the internet, here are a few things that I’ve taken away from the internet as a student.


It’s Helped Me Keep Up to Date

There’s a never ending, plethora of information that we’re bombarded with each and every day. It can be exhausting and near impossible to catch up with at times, but having found the right sources to seek out and the ones to block has made me a much more educated student. I’ve spent the past few months filtering out information on my social media to only follow and keep up to date with relevant and useful news – and it’s certainly made a difference. In less than 10-15 minutes in my morning, I am fully caught up with all of the news I need for the day to make me an educated member of society and an informed student. I can confidently say that 100% of the updates I have regarding my program or from school have directly come from Facebook or Twitter. Not to mention, as students in this day in age, we are almost always expected to know what’s going on in the world, so a discussion can later be had about it in class.

It’s Saved Me Time – A Lot

Whether we like it or not, an incredible amount of schooling revolves around group work – in one semester alone, I was juggling six different group projects that required a considerable amount of collaboration between four to seven group members. In the same semester, I was between three different part time jobs and a student group. Had it not been for the likes of Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger, I probably would not have seen the walls of my house. Working for Splash Effect also added Slack to that mix, and it’s a never-ending source of entertainment (you can check out our past Slack Round-Ups to learn why). Thankfully these apps, among a vast amount of others, has made it easy and convenient for students to connect with one another and collaborate without having to struggle to find a physical meeting time. Being able to connect and accomplish work in between jobs, during small breaks in the day or during my commute has saved me a world of time allowing me to put my efforts on work and other important things in the day

It’s Saved Me Money – A Lot, A Lot

I’m one of the most recent hires at Splash as a Creative Specialist and it requires me to work as a graphic designer for the majority of my time – but I must admit that I have never been taught a shred of graphic design in my four years of university. It’s a critical component for the work that I do in school and within my student group, but no course has actually taught me it. I have always had a passion for design work and layout in the graphics world, but the truth is there aren’t very many programs in Toronto offering this (to be fair, I also didn’t enroll in a program that has the capability of teaching me this). Now I can’t say I’m anywhere near where I want to be with my skill set – in fact working at Splash has taught me just how much more I need to brush up on and improve – but the world of the internet has educated me on every single thing I know about design work and it continues to be an invaluable tool in helping me grow. With every search I am inspired by much more talented designers who help me build my skill set and keep me on my toes with what I want to achieve – all for free or for a very small cost. I have the opportunity to explore and expand my knowledge to my heart’s content without having to pay thousands upon thousands for courses and classes. With a little passion and a good internet connection, I have been able to immerse myself into the world of core application knowledge, design lessons, and incredible inspiration.

It’s Helped Me Organize My Life

All of the time that the internet is able to save me is nothing if I cannot prioritize it as a student. The internet has opened my eyes to a lot of incredible applications that have helped me capitalize my time and stay organized. You have your trusty Google application family – from planning in Calendar to creating in Docs to saving in Drive – that never fails to be the go to for most students and has yet to fail us in any significant, earth shattering way. Aside from these applications however, the internet has graced my life with the ultimate application in my opinion that will make any aesthetic-loving, organization-craving individual rejoice in – the Bear writing app.  It has a minimal and extremely easy to use interface, beautiful themes and typography, and all of the formatting capabilities you could ever need with quick shortcuts. The biggest selling point for me, though, was the fact that the application automatically saves as you go, so you can spend your time emptying your thoughts, jotting down class notes, and typing away instead of worrying about constantly pressing save. Definitely give them a look if you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, or Mac! (Not sponsored – just have a lot of love for this app!)

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