With over 500 million monthly users, Instagram is a social media channel that you can not ignore. However with new features rolling out what seems like all the time, it can be hard to keep up and make the best use of tools like one of Instagrams newest features, Multiple Photo Upload. The feature allows you to upload several photos in a single post. At first glance, you may be thinking that it sounds too much like like Facebook. But if you take a closer look youll see that this new album feature can be used to interact and communicate messages with your following in a creative and exciting new way!


Below are some cool ways in which brands have used this Instagram feature since its launch in February and some suggestions on how you can apply these methods to your account.


1) Make your MESSAGE stand out!

Use instagrams album feature to tell a story. Think of each upload in the album as a page. Theres nothing more effective than curiosity in getting folks to act! By putting up part of your message in the first photo of the album and urging followers to swipe left -youve sparked action and this often leads to engagement. Check out this simple but great example by Gary Vee:

Do it .. swipe left

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2) Recap an event & Maintain your aesthetic at the SAME TIME

In the social media game consistency is key, so crowding your timeline with photos that are off brand is a major no no! Weve all seen this before. That person on your timeline who goes on vacation or maybe to a concert and then floods your timeline with irrelevant posts! Aside from it being annoying it can distract from the overall theme of the page.  Instagrams Multiple Photo feature allows you to share your adventures without crowding your feed. Heres an example from one of our most recent Splash Saloon. 





3) Showcase your product and what to do with it!

Instagrams album feature is perfect for introducing your followers to your new products as well as giving them insights on how to best use them. Think recipes, tutorials, product guides, and more. Say no to the outdated collages and use the album feature to display your work instead! Check out how Shea Moisture incorporates the Multiple Photo feature below for inspiration:



4) Get up close and Personal

In case you missed it, instagram finally let us zoom in to photos last year. But there are still some interesting ways in which you can use Instagrams Multiple Photo feature to display close up shots of your own. These posts give your audience a better glimpse of your products as well as lets you get creative with angles and presentation.  Check out how this Pintrill did it:





5) Shout outs!

Instagrams album feature is great for creating round up posts. Whether youre shouting out your loyal customers or sharing your top inspirational authors, the album feature gives you a great way to include multiple photos in that single post. Heres a great example from social media influencer Shameless Maya below:


These are just some of the ways you can leverage Instagrams Multiple Photo Upload feature to upgrade your feed.  At Splash Effect we have a number services that help your brand stand out on social. Drop us a line and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know.