So at this point, you already know that:
a. My name is Mady.
b. I’m a millennial.
c. I’m an intern.
d. I didn’t learn to smile until Age 10.



[If you don’t know this, just slide over to Part 1 to learn all about me and my journey.]


Back to the blog post at hand. So, the one big lesson that I have learned from being an intern is that you have a lot to do. As Kanye would say,


“visiting my mind is like a Hermes factory. Sh*# is real.”


He is one million percent correct.

Millennials and interns have a lot of responsibility. Not only are you expected to be working your way up in your career field, but you’re also working your way up at life in general. That can be a lot, especially when you are balancing multiple commitments. So how do we do it you ask?

We don’t. We just juggle and we juggle A LOT.


Now you’re probably thinking: “GASP. Juggling?! But how do you get it all done!?!”


Juggling and prioritizing are almost necessary nowadays. Most millennials I speak to aren’t working one simple job. They usually work a job, a part time job, and freelance. Now try balancing that with life, self care and fun. You simply cannot do everything at the same time, so you must work smarter.

Now working smarter can be daunting. Processes, prioritizing, and planning are all key tips to be productive. But here are my top tips to working smart, specific to us 20-somethings:


1. Make yourself a priority.


Notice how this is point number one. Self-care and time for yourself is a priority! It may be hard at times because sleep, self care and relaxation are the first things to go when you get busy, but it’s SO necessary to keep up self care. That way you’re recharged and ready to go when it’s time to work.


2. Find your productivity tool and roll with it.


Productivity tools are KEY in the millennial world, but you must find a tool that works for you! Be it an agenda or an app, find what works for you and embrace it. Don’t know any productivity tools? Check out Hamza’s tools for success.


3. Plan out your days.


Now this may seem straightforward, but it’s not. Don’t just schedule a 8 hour chunk in your calendar to “work,” break that work time up into specific tasks. Have a huge report due? Break it up into smaller tasks throughout the day.


4. Schedule breaks


Block off some you time! Don’t let relationships and your life slip to the side as you’re trying to make it to the top, ensure you are blocking off time to enjoy yourself! You work so hard, so you might as well treat yo’ self.


SEE. Juggling CAN work! Just don’t worry, work smart and the world will be your oyster.