10 Things I Learned in One Internship/Summer

You’d think that four months is a pretty short time, but for me the four summer months are when I learn the most (sorry school!). Summer for a student is a time to take on new opportunities and challenges to grow as an individual. Here, I recap the 10 things that my internship opportunity with Splash Effect has taught me. It was hard to narrow it down, as I learned new things every day, but these were my top ten takeaways from my life of intern:

1. You are only human.

giphy (47)

Trust me, at times you may feel invincible, but you’re really not. So take your vacation, get some TLC and be a human.


2. This is only an internship.

giphy (38)

At times your projects might feel like they are eating you alive, but just breathe and remember, it’s just a job!


3. Life goes on.

giphy (39)

On that note, life does go on. Miss a deadline? Don’t freak out, just learn from your mistakes and move forward!


4. You’re only 20(ish), be young and have fun every now and then

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Being a millennial, you sometimes feel like you NEED to be busy. But trust me and take the time to not be busy, and to just have fun!


5. Work hard now, relax later

giphy (41)
This is a mantra that I have always lived by and so far, it has worked! Put the work in early on with projects, jobs, etc and it will 100% pay off in the end!


6. You always have more to learn

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Don’t ever think that you are the most knowledgeable person in the room, you always have more to learn. Be it hard skills or soft skills, you should be looking to better yourself every day!


7. Life is short, do what you love

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One major thing that this internship has taught me is that if you’re going to be spending the majority of your time doing a job, you better be doing what you love! Don’t settle for anything, do what you love and it will make you happy and more eager to work!


8. Keep track of your small wins

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You know those days where you feel like the world is out to get you? Remember your small wins. Keep track of your accomplishments, favourite projects and things that keep you positive, so when the going gets rough, you can keep going!


9. Good people, good music and good food can get you through anything. 

giphy (45)
Totally not work related, but these three things make the perfect concoction to get you through anything! Rainy day? Soup and tunes. Stressed out? Laugh with your friends and eat spaghetti.

10. #live

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The inner #whitegirl in me is coming out with this one, but the most important thing that I learned this summer is that you have to live your life to the fullest. Be it through doing what you love, or being with who you love, make sure you are always laughing and having a good time!