As avid podcast fans, Hamza and I have always tossed around the idea of starting our own one of these days. I’ve even blogged about my love of podcasts for startups and entrepreneurs.  Earlier this year, we were planning to do our annual review of the company and realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to record our conversation and share it with the masses.

We are continuously asked about the many complex aspects of running an agency; marketing, hiring, cost of business, etc. and we think it’s time to share our thoughts with the public. We will be making an effort to release 1 podcast a month including the recording of some of our #SplashSaloon events that are stacked with super talented panelists (come to our next #SplashSaloon next week, March 22nd).

In future you can look forward to hearing from more of our crew and we would love to hear about topics you would like us to explore more about. We will be as transparent as possible and not only recap the ups but also the downs. We plan to discuss all things dealing with agency life. From the struggles and triumphs of entrepreneurship to the hottest trends in marketing. We will take you on a voyage with each episode diving deeper into the matters that affect the industry and bringing some of our crew along to provide some different perspectives.

Without further adieu, here’s our first podcast episode.


Episode 1 | An Agency Year in Review

In episode one, Kareem and Hamza go through their yearly exercise of evaluating the past year of running the agency. Covering the topics of product, people, place, promotion, innovation and process, they break down their biggest lessons of 2016.

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