It’s that time of the month again! No, not that time of the month, but time for our monthly Slack round-up! If you aren’t already familiar, each month we take a dive into our Slack archive to find the funniest, most ridiculous and sometimes insightful moments from our daily conversations. Hopefully with each Slack Round-Up you learn a little bit more about who we are as a company and as individuals.

Disclaimer: this is by no means an ad for Slack – promise – but we do love Slack a lot so we’re not saying we wouldn’t accept at least some free swag for this peek inside our team chats. *wink* *hint* *cough*

Let’s get into it!

1) Slackbot made an appearance…frequently.

The start of October marked the sudden appearance of Slackbot. Not that Slackbot is a new thing for the app, but up until October we never used Slackbot for anything other than the odd reminder at Splash Effect. However someone on our team (I’m still not entirely sure who 👀) set up Slackbot to respond to random phrases and also call us out on our EDI awareness in our speech. Let’s just say Slackbot has an uncanny sense of comedic timing (or lack thereof – it really depends).

At first we were just trying to figure him (her? it? we’re not sure) out.


Then we learned Slackbot sometimes has no sense of timing….


And sometimes Slackbot just didn’t make much sense (and might have freaked out our new pod member a bit…)slackbot-5

Then we got to know Slackbot really well…slackbot-6

Apparently Slackbot really wishes it could have some coffee…slackbot-7

but it can’t because she’s a robot and that would be bad for its circuits (we think).slackbot-8

Soon we knew that it’s really important to Slackbot that it’s down with changes to our calendars. slackbot-9

and that he is really, really persistent. slackbot-10

Like, really persistent. slackbot-11

Sometimes too persistent…slackbot-12

But sometimes Slackbot wasn’t so bad…slackbot-13

And sometimes Slackbot was just confusing (if you don’t get very specific hiphop references, that is.)

Will Slackbot survive? Not even we know. You’ll just have to turn in next month to find out!

2) The great internet outage of 2016.

If you work in the world of tech like we do here at Splash (or if you don’t live under a rock) then you probably remember that in October some major portions of the internet went down after a major DDOS attack. Many of us here at Splash work on Twitter on an hourly and, as you can imagine, this meant that we turned to Slack to either share our grievances about it being down or to simply find entertainment amongst our peers instead of on the internet.


To ease our panic we found comfort in the always-hilarious (but the closer we get to election day increasingly sad) Donald Trump impression.


We also discovered that no one respects internet hackers more than KR. Wait…really?


3) We became self-aware.

The more Slack round-ups we write the more we are making note of perfect moments to share in the blog post when it comes around again. Here’s a few moments that we identified as worthy of having a place in our monthly round-up.

While feeling a little nervous about sitting on our upcoming #SplashSaloon panel, Uzo shared one of the best motivational quotes we’ve heard in a while.


When you’re a community manager you get to do some pretty cool things, but nothing compares to being able to hang out with some therapy dogs and call it work. I got to do this in October and so I spammed our Slack with some adorable puppy love since we don’t have an office dog yet 😭😭😭 (Kareem…👀).


Slack Round-Up Cuteness Level? Maxxed.