September saw a few new faces (including some virtual) join the Slack conversation this month. As we settled into our new office, we couldn’t help but feel the call of fall slowly creep in. Some of us rejoiced over the come back of the PSL, while others… well, we’ll let you find out.

In tech news, Blackberry announced it will make no more new phones and Twitter bumped up its’ character limit on tweets. Our team was certainly vocal about these announcements. Read on to see some of the best moments from our Slack this month. 


1) Slackbot goes off-script

Meet Slackbot, he’s our virtual Slack assistant who is programmed to send us friendly reminders. 



Quiet and polite, Slackbot doesn’t usually have too much to say. This September, he went off script, thanks to Hamza’s behind-the-scenes tinkering.


We experimented with some new prompts. And no, Mady wasn’t actually fired.


2) Fazil joins the Splash ship

In September, we welcomed our new intern, Fazil. Things didn’t exactly start off on the right foot… #Fail.


3) Twitter bumps up its’ character limit

Our content marketing manager, Sam was thrilled about the new changes announced on Twitter this month. Replies (@names), mentions (@name in body of tweet) and media attachments no longer count towards a tweet’s character limit, making Sam one happy camper.


4) PSL is back

It’s that time of year, folks. And the Splash Effect crew is certainly not immune to the pull of the PSL. Especially Hamza.


But soon after Hamza pronounced his love, Kareem dropped some life-altering news.



5) R.I.P Blackberry

Of course, Slackbot had something to say about it.