On November 10, 2016, we invited an exclusive group of marketing and communications leaders to explore topics in marketing, technology, business, and leadership at our first Splash Saloon. For those picturing an old west style bar with double-hinged doors, the word “saloon” also has nautical roots and served as the inspiration for our speaker and networking series.


n. Nautical

a. The officers’ dining and social room on a cargo ship.

b. A large social lounge on a passenger ship.


How do you make the most of your marketing spend with limited resources? Our expert panel walked us through some digital tricks and tips on “How to Make a Splash with a Small Crew.”


With 50+ guests in our cosy Spadina space, we dove into an evening of marketing discussion, moderated by Splash Effect Co-Founder, Hamza Khan.

Here’s a small sample of some of the topics and conversations:


Buzzfeed Canada’s Elamin Abdelmahmoud explained that you should “think of your audience as a persona.” And for Buzzfeed, that’s “a really smart 16 year old girl.”


Splash Effect’s Content Marketing Manager, Samantha Porter explained that paid ads on Twitter aren’t your best bet for a solid ROI. Twitter’s targeting capabilities are not quite as robust as Facebook’s, so while your paid tweets will reach a wider audience, your click rate (the ratio of clicks to total reach) will be much lower. Instead, Sam recommends investing your advertising dollars in Facebook. Not only is the targeting functionality more accurate, but you’ll ensure more clicks and a higher rate of conversion.


We all have the same 24h as Beyonce. What did you do with your day?

For most of us, especially during the holiday season, we’re not ticking off a few boxes and calling it a day. Burnout is real. So how do we combat it? If you feel like you’re going to implode if you have to schedule one more tweet, just stop. Shift gears. Work on another project, regroup and stay productive while you’re at it.


While our panellists dropped a number of social and productivity tools, here’s one classic (Asana) and one lesser-known platform (Crowd Tangle) that was recommended to check out.


Visit paperplanes.world on mobile. You won’t regret it. It’s seriously the prettiest website ever, according to SP.


Relive the night on our achieved Splash Saloon feed, courtesy of Facebook live.


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