For the dreamers who woke up in a sweat because they just wanted to connect the two shapes in their PowerPoint slides; for the believers who thought they could get it all done in a day, only to feel dismay at their shortfall; for the high achievers who ride this cycle on repeat, yet rob themselves from sleep:


I wrote this for you.


When you go down that rabbit hole, finding the reigns to your own mind can be messy. But sometimes it takes one moment, one encounter or one weekend to bring your life back into focus. For me, that was Supernacular: a vision planning retreat that Splash Effect sponsored as part of their commitment to employee self development.

I walked into Supernacular weekend as a complete stranger and left with a tribe. I left with an experience that profoundly moved me, yet I had only taken one or two pictures to prove it had even happened. And perhaps some of the best experiences of all are the ones we don’t try to capture, but the ones we fully immerse ourselves in.

Alternatively, when we dive deep into projects and tasks during “busy season,” it’s easy to be swallowed whole and become hollow shells of ourselves with agenda’s to fill. It’s hard to step away, even for a few minutes. We all need to come up for air at some point, and when stress levels off the chart, you probably need it more than you know.

If our time and attention is constantly stretched too thin at work, in relationships, and in life, how can we ever fully be present? How can we offer our best self to others? Sometimes we need an experience like Supernacular to ground us, and the only way to do that is by investing in you.

“When you have an opportunity, whether it’s to do a development program, a new experience, [or] spending a day doing something you haven’t done before that’s gonna teach you something, ask yourself: if I’m willing to spend to look the part, why aren’t you willing to spend at least that much every month to be the part?”Drew Dudley

Drew’s right. Even with limited discretionary spending, time or energy, there’s some things that are not just worth making time for, but necessary for our growth and wellbeing. While Supernacular may not be for everyone, self investment certainly is. 



Here’s three simple ways to invest in yourself this busy season without blowing your budget:


1) Record Your Wins and Losses.

A lot of us don’t like to “journal” because we don’t know how to get started or we don’t want to ruin that beautiful notebook we got for Christmas. Fair enough. Yet, at the end of the day, would you rather have a blank book or a book full of scribbles, insights and breakthroughs? A simple prompt is all it takes to get the ball rolling. What was the highlight of your day? What was the low? If you can’t answer this daily, try a weekly reflection instead. Make it a habit. Seriously.

Why would I write something that I’m realistically not going to look at again? You may not. But what if you do? What’s more important than the scribbles on the page is the potential; the bigger ideas that may only be unlocked by building upon the ones that seem insignificant or trivial. These are your diamonds in the rough, but you won’t discover them unless you start digging.


2) Check In With Your EQ

Hustling with heart is just as much about taking care of your emotional well-being as it is your physical. There’s some days that push you over the edge, and when that moment comes, it’s probably a good idea to Take Five. Never done a breathing exercise? Then dive in and be prepared to experience symptoms of relaxation, clarity and a deep sense of calm. Save this in your bookmarks tab. You’re welcome.


3) Do Something Supernacular

If you’re an adventurer, try spending a night in reading. If you sit at your desk for 8+ hours a day, go for a walk in the morning or evening. Everyone’s version of “Supernacular” is different. Shake things up. When was the last time you played a boardgame with friends/family? Went rock climbing? Experienced Friday Night Live at the ROM? Baked cupcakes? Attended a TED Talk?

Invest. Learn. Be.