A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of being featured on the Making It In Toronto Podcast which spotlights some really cool Toronto talent who have “made it” in the city. While we think we’re far from making it, we were humbled on the invite and decided to talk for an hour about all things Splash Effect, entrepreneurship, marketing and more. Here are the top 5 things we hope you take away from the listen:

1. The difference between the top marketers and your average marketer is their ability to understand the audience/end user:

What we’ve found in our years in the industry is that it’s not hard to be a “marketer” anymore. There are thousands of grads every year who learn the basics of marketing (marketing is the most popular business major) and can execute at the baseline level. In addition to that there are thousands more that are self taught and there are millions of resources on the internet nowadays.

However, in terms of effectiveness, the marketers that always stand out for us are those that take the time and put extreme focus on the end user and the customers. Understanding them at both a marketing perspective but also as at an emotional level helps you put out your best work. It’s not hard to craft a marketing campaign, it’s hard to craft an effective marketing campaign. In all of our work, a huge research portion is built into our process which helps frame the entire campaign moving forward.

2. Everyone is a marketer.

We hear this all the time and we always push back on this. Marketing is defined as the following:

Marketing is the communication between a company and the consumer audience that aims to increase the value of the company or its merchandise, or to raise the profile of the company and its products in the public mind.

That being said, at the end of the day you are your own business, whether or not you’re trying to sell a product or service. Every day you are selling yourself to the world, on social, in person, etc. In an interview, you’re selling yourself. Learning to sell should be a basic skill everyone looks into to strengthen as it will help you in all aspects in life.

3. In finding a co-founder, finding our opposites was the magic ingredient

Hamza and I met by coincidence. Perfect timing in career crossroads and a mutual mentor allowed us to meet. What really solidified us joining forces for a business however was understanding that we each had strengths where the other was generally weaker. This gives us full coverage needed in all aspects of the business. Business partnerships are tough, no doubt about that, but find someone that can cover your areas of weakness to have the best leadership structure to run the companies.

4. Process is key to running a successful business

We’re lucky to have our own in house productivity guru in Hamza and this helps frame every single client project. It starts it off on the right foot and it gives our clients full perspective and confidence that everything is being covered. We use Asana, Quickbooks, Slack, Toggl and Google Apps to keep ourselves organized at all times. You can read a lot of Hamza’s thoughts on productivity on his blog: https://medium.com/@hamzak/

5. Acknowledge the privilege you have in your life. You owe it to all the people who can’t do that to take those risks.

We have worked with many community organizations in the past helping those who don’t have privilege take that next step but we see the struggles, trepidation and lack of support they have to make their dreams a reality. If you have the opportunity and ability to do something more, please don’t settle. We’re sure happy we didn’t.


Want to listen to our episode of the Making it in Toronto Podcast? Take in the full audio here