Radio is back in a big way.

Just when we thought radio was dead, podcasts have seen a massive boost in popularity in the past year to help audiophiles out there get their content fix throughout the day. As the entrepreneur craze has grown exponentially in the past 5-7 years with the success of notable tech startups like Facebook and Uber, and shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den, business-focused podcasts have been improving tremendously. I’ve even added a few to my personal rotation.

Here are my top 5 podcasts for business:


  1. Ask Gary Vee Show – It’s no secret that I’m a huge Gary Vaynerchuk fan, I was inspired the very first time I saw him at an Art of Marketing conference here in Toronto and have been following closely ever since. These shows cover questions that you’ve probably always had about business but haven’t had the chance to ask anyone. He also spotlights great guests and discusses trends in marketing as well. A must listen for those who are looking to get ahead in the marketing game.600x600bb
  2. The Tim Ferris Show – The author of the infamous “4 Hour Work Week” (a must read for those who aren’t made for the 9-5 grind) has launched probably the most famous business podcast in the world. It’s constantly number 1 in the iTunes store for good reason. He spotlights some of the greatest minds and performers in the world and deconstructs their greatness. Really insightful learning about the habits of some of your heroes.startup-red-small
  3. StartUp Podcast – A podcast about the starting of a podcasting company! Really awesome for first time entrepreneurs as it takes you through all the steps they went through to get their company off the ground, from the naming to the first investor pitch. One of the first great podcasts for business.512
  4. The Side-Hustle Show – One of my personal favourites as someone who grew up with multiple side hustles. Really beneficial to those who want to dabble in starting their own business but don’t necessarily want to jump all the way in right away. Spotlighting some great real work “hustlers”.600x600bb-1
  5. Seth Godin’s Startup School – Oldie but a goodie! Seth hasn’t posted a new episode in a while but the content from all 15 podcasts are solid as can get presented by one of the greatest business minds in the world.

Favourite Personal Podcast


  1. DrinkChamps – As a hip hop head, this has been on constant play since it started. Hip Hop Legend NORE brings on other legends and they drink together and go into old stories (many of which have never been told). NORE is so entertaining! Warning: super NSFW!