Most organizations offer similar products and/or services as their competitors, but what’s going to make your organization top of mind? What’s going to make your target audience remember you above the rest? In the era of information overload, organizations big and small are finding it difficult to get their message across in a way that captures their audience quickly, and at the same time effectively. Gone are the days of people sifting through your website to learn about your organization. People want the facts; they want the pertinent information delivered to them in a fast and eye-catching way. Enter: Infographics.

A lot of psychological research has gone into the success of infographics and it’s proven itself to be a key factor of engagement success. 90% of the information that’s transmitted to our brains is visual and so it only makes sense for the information we want to stick to be as such. Infographics are the perfect way of bringing this information age into the visual world. It allows the information to be relayed in a digestible way that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer and deter them for the message you wish to send. If done right, it’s possible to relay all the information that would normally be found on a website, on a single scroll document. Still not sold on why your organization needs its own infographic? Consider these:


It’s very unrealistic to assume that your viewers will be eager or have the time to delve into all the content you have to offer. An infographic allows you the opportunity to creatively deliver the key messaging that is vital to understanding your organization. Once you’ve gained the attention with your infographic, the viewer will likely be enticed to learn more by diving deeper. From your click traffic (whether it be from a social platform or from an email), your marketing team will gain a better understanding of just how many people are interested in learning more.


Your infographic will act as a single document that becomes easy to share and more likely to be seen. Instead of prompting your target audience with a call to action, you can include the infographic within the content that naturally forces them to view the key messaging of your organization. Once the infographic is created, it also becomes a visual piece that can be broken down and shortened to be shared on various platforms. If you need something catered more towards Instagram, pull the elements of the infographic that are more suited. If you need selling points for a sales pitch, grab those elements or use the entire graphic!


People remember 80% of what they see. Multiple apps and resources have become available to share visuals, however the next step to differentiate yourself is personalization for your specific organization. This becomes difficult when many companies don’t have content that can be visually enticing with the use of everyday images. Sometimes the important messages that need to be given are largely based in data and/or other content heavy information. Infographics allow your organization to cut through the heaviness and lighten up the communication channel.


So we’ve sold you on the idea of why you need an infographic and now you’re left asking how. “How do I go about creating an infographic that will lead my organization to success?” Well it starts with first and foremost ensuring that all the information you have is relevant, easy to understand, and of course accurate. It means understanding the key messaging you need in order to entice the viewer to learn more. From here, you can leave it to a team of experts like us who will work diligently to create a visually compelling and informative infographic that you can then use to make a splash!

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